Bear & Black Dog offers professional query and submission critiques for writers of MG, YA, NA, and Adult fiction. Our goal is to work with writers to make their stories the best that they can be. We consider every editing suggestion carefully to provide you with the best value.


If your query needs a pick-me-up, you’ve come to the right place. In this package, both of our editors will put their acquisitions experience to use to help you make your query clear and compelling.


A good synopsis may be a heinous hell-beast, but it’s an undeniably useful one. Depending on your needs, one of our editors will either coach you through writing and revising a one-page, two-page, and three-to-five-page synopsis, OR one of our editors will review your already-written set of synopses.

First Five, Partial Edit, and Reader Report are excellent values for querying writers who want to know what literary agents and submissions editors are thinking. These services could be the tools that turn rejections into offers!


A full-service edit of your first five pages. Ash or Cait will check for sound grammar and mechanics, as well as consider the introduction of characters, setting, and plot elements.


Prepare your partial so that it’s ready to go when that agent or acquisitions editor emails you with the request. In this substantive edit, we will check up to your first three chapters for things that turn agents and readers off. This includes big-picture issues like info-dumps and character engagement, as well as copy qualms such as typos and wordiness.


How will readers react to your story? Do they react in the way you expect? Find out with a reader response from the editors. They’ll read your manuscript as if it were a submission being considered for publication and give their honest reactions to the story. This does not include advice, edits, or suggestions for change; these inline comments are simply packed with insight and honesty.