Our prices are calculated based on standard manuscript formatting, double-spaced size 12 Times New Roman (or similar), 1″ margins. We require all materials to be so formatted.


Freelance Editing Services

Revision Planning Consultation: $40 up to the first hour, $30 for each additional hour. Partial hours will be prorated based on the additional hour rate. Minimum charge of $40.

Proofread: $2.50/page. With line or developmental editorial package: $2.00/page. With Twice Tried: $1.50/page.

Line Edit*: $6/page

Developmental Edit*: $6/page

Twice Tried*: $8/page

*A free 3 page sample edit is included in these packages, as a way of deciding whether we will be a good fit for these editing projects, which are a bigger commitment of time and money.

Query and Submission Critiques

Query Critique: One draft: $30. Two drafts: $45.
Price includes critique from two editors. Please inquire for pricing on critique from one editor.

Synopsis Critique: $40. +$10 to add second drafts
Price includes critique of three synopses. Please inquire for pricing on critique of one synopsis.

Synopsis Coaching: $60

First Five: $25

Partial Submission Edit: One chapter (1-20 pages): $50. Two chapters (1-40 pages): $90. Three chapters (1-60 pages): $120*
*Best value

Reader Report: $1/page. Add phone call/IM chat: $30

Payment Options

We send invoices and accept payment through Paypal.

Full payment or a deposit is required before work begins (if paying in installments, we would begin working after receiving the first installment). The deposit amount is determined during the initial consultation (typically 50%).

The completed work is delivered after receiving payment in full.

For line, developmental, and twice tried edits, payments can be made in installments. There’s a maximum of 6 installments for line and developmental edits, and 8 installments for twice tried edits. The payment schedule will be determined during the project consultation, but is typically biweekly.

Cancellation and Refund Policy

If you have paid your deposit and cancel before edits have begun, we’ll refund 100% of your deposit.

If edits have already started but are not finished, we will refund your payment(s) minus the cost for the work completed. For example: if we have completed ten pages of your work, we will refund your payment less $60 (single editor price). We will also return any edited materials; no edit letter will be provided.

We do not offer refunds for completed jobs. It’s important, especially for large projects, to ensure that we understand your wishes and goals, and that you take advantage of the three page sample. On that note…


Bear and Black Dog Editing, LLC, does not make any claims or promises as to the eventual saleability of  a project that has been worked on by the LLC’s editors. While the company wishes there were such things as Instant Edit Fairy Dust and Magical Wands of Publication, we are only mortals who function under the strange winds of publisher fancies.

If you choose to hire an editor through this company, the editors truly hope that their services prove useful and fruitful.