keithKeith Barbalato graduated with a BA in Sociology spending most of his education refining what is known in the field as “the Sociological Imagination.” Post college, as a new and educationally free person, he found his interests leaning more towards the arts; specifically comics and literature. The desire to explore this further led to an internship as an Editorial Assistant for Fantagraphics Books Inc. where he got to help edit his first published books, and learn how a small publishing house operates.

Currently Keith works full time as a bookseller in Seattle, Washington at The Elliott Bay Book Company and can’t imagine doing work that doesn’t revolve around books. At Elliott Bay he is learning as much as he can about the publishing industry and constantly refining his tastes, while also enjoying the sweet satisfaction of helping to stock and sling great works in print.

When Keith isn’t drawing pictures, or being engaged with friends and family, he likes to read fiction that can mirror the wonders and struggles of being, and comics that feel like music. He is also striving to be able to morph into this emotional state at will. And oh yeah, Keith is also developing skills to support a passion for editing words; to his feeling he has quite a natural talent for noticing the micro details that are easily overlooked.

Keith is our B&BD proofreader and intern.