nanoicon Ashlynn Yuhas is the bear half of Bear and Black Dog Editing. “Ashy Bear” is a nickname her aunt gave her as a little girl, which is adorable but also makes her wonder what her personality was like then. Sometimes she’s singing with her rocker husband. Sometimes she’s cuddling her daughter. Sometimes she’s obsessing over the design of her future permaculture/native landscape restored homestead.

Most of the time she’s reading or writing something.

As a child she had a difficult time learning to read, and worked her way to the bookworm end of the spectrum during her school years. She owes much of this change to Ella of Frell, Harry Potter, and the tens of thousands of words she wrote with friends on forum RPGs.

She has a degree in Professional Writing and has worked with books in many ways–as an avid reader, library assistant, indie pub editor (Georgia McBride Media Group), and writer seeking publication.

As an editor she draws on her collaborative writing experience to bring something unique to the editing process–fun.  Ash’s edits are notoriously thorough, but always friendly and down to earth, with many questionable but brilliant comments like “This reminds me of a quote from The Emperor’s New Groove.” (<–Real example) She is particularly skilled at developing author voice and tightening both prose and plots.

Learn more about Ashlynn’s editorial style here.

Want to connect? Find Ash at Goodreads + Twitter + Absolute Write forums.

Lead/Developmental Editor for…

Gabriel Stone series, Shannon Duffy
Angel Sight series (contributor #1; dev #2 + 3), L. M. Basso
Tracy Tam: Santa Command, Krystalyn Drown
King of the Mutants, Samantha Verant
Into the Dark, Caroline Patti

Contributing Editor for…

Scion of the Sun, Hallie Tibbetts
The Three Thorns, Michael Gibney
Dead Jed 2: Dawn of the Jed, Scott Craven
Lifer, Beck Nicholas