With the new year come changes. (Or at least good intentions for change: amiright, O Neglected Treadmill?)

New Years was always one of my favorite holidays. That probably has something to do with the big NYE parties in my parents’ garage and the 60 pounds of homemade confetti we would battle with at the stroke of the new year. That sense of excitement and newness was thrilling. I would start the new year in giddy asthma-inducing dust clouds, all-day Lord of the Rings marathons, and absurdly late nights with friends.


It is in that spirit that I think about 2015 and the goals Cait and I have for our editing business. I’m EXCITED about the plans we have for this year. ALL CAPS EXCITED. You know the editor is pumped up when they use all caps. If you’re not convinced yet…hey look, excessive use of exclamation marks!!!

Here’s what we’re making of 2015 at Bear & Black Dog.

More content and services provided specifically for self-publishing authors.

This includes the addition of proofreading services (a big welcome to our proofreader, Keith Barbalato!) and a discount on all of our services to anyone who is self publishing. The discount is going to last ALL YEAR. All year!! (Note: all caps, excessive exclamation points) Plus we’re going to be posting here on the blog about self editing, marketing, book design, and the other important self-publishing skills.

More content and services for authors seeking traditional publishing.

But we’re not leaving out the writers who are seeking a traditional publishing deal. We’re also offering query letter critiques and phone/Skype consultation services for those who need help hooking agents and editors. Pretty awesome, right?

Answers to more of YOUR questions about editing and publishing.

We’ll be starting a semi-regular video series called Ask B&BD, wherein we’ll answer questions from you. To submit a question, tweet at us with the hashtag #AskBBD, comment on our Facebook page, or email us at contact [at] bearandblackdog [dot] com with “Ask B&BD” in the subject line. We’ll also be using the videos to talk about some of our favorite writing and editing resources. The videos will be posted to Cait’s YouTube channel, so be sure to subscribe!

Another B&BD anniversary contest.

Last year we gave away a free twice tried edit. For B&BD’s two year celebration, we’re scheming to bring a free edit to a new author–so someone who hasn’t been published before and is working in that direction, whether self publishing or traditionally publishing. This edit will be at whatever level the author needs. Our editing services are like an in-depth writing course, so this could be a valuable step forward for the winner!

Personal development to improve your favorite bear and black dog’s editing skills.

We’ll keep you updated as to side projects, conference attendance, and activity in the Twitterverse. We always like talking with writers. Find Cait @CaitSpivey and Ash @AshyAslan, and give a shoutout and a follow to our new proofreader Keith @BooksellerKeith.


For more information about these services, offers, and changes, stay tuned to the blog here or our official B&BD twitter account. Our updated service packages can be seen now under the Services tab above.